NOVEXSYS is customizable by the user

  • Email HTML confirmation letters
  • Reservation Preferences
  • Room Types
  • Market Segments
  • Transaction Codes
  • Guarantee Types
  • Reservation Sources
  • Cancellation Reasons
  • Folio Types
  • Upload your logo for printing on folios
  • User access rights - Application modules and fuctionality are security based
  • Rate code and room type restrictions
  • Oversell by room type
  • Pre-block rooms
  • Rates are derived from rate codes or group blocks
  • Unlimited number of profiles for each reservation
  • Unlimited number of folios for each profile
  • Room rate discounting
  • Reservation change logging
Profiles - Guest, Company, Travel Agent, and Source
  • Unlimited number of address for each profile
  • Unlimited number of credit cards for each profile
  • Encrypted credit cards numbers
  • Complete reservation history of the profile with the ability to drill down into the reservations and folios
  • Profile merge to eliminate redundant profile information

Rate Codes

  • Build rates for any duration for any room type
  • Negotiated and non-negotiated rate codes types
  • Market segments are assigned to each rate code


  • Allocate inventory by day by room type
  • Market segments are assigned to each group
  • Manual or automatic cutoff of group inventory
  • Option of flexible blocks


  • Export Reports to PDF, Excel, TIFF, and CSV
  • Prints on virtually any printer connected to your PC
  • Sortable columns
  • Complete ad-hoc historical reporting (no report archiving is needed)
  • 40 pre-configured reports
  • Travel agent commission tracking
  • Accounts receivable invoicing

Accounts Receivable

  • Account Aging
  • Invoicing with Summary and Detail pages
  • Event Folios to manage meeting room charges

Easy to use software

  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • All search grid results are sortable by the columns
  • Easily train new staff
  • Quick Tasks - Arrivals, departures, and in-house guest views at your fingertips
  • Night audit completes in less than 30 seconds

Integrated Credit Card Processing

When developing the Credit Card interface, we decided that we wanted an interface which made processing of CC's easier than the other PMS's on the market today. We also focused on taking advantage of the latest technologies to ensure the highest level of guest privacy while minimizing the cost or processing card transactions. The NOVEXSYS credit card interface has met all of those goals.

Ease of Use - We have designed the interface to work with you and your guests as they move from reservation, though check-in, and eventually to check-out. Through our partnership with Shift4 Corporation, we are able to pride you with the most reliable, secure, and simple credit card payment process available.

  • We have eliminated the confusion around selecting a Credit Card "Type" when working with credit cards. When you enter or swipe a CC number into NOVEXSYS, the system will automatically determine the type of card it is (VI, AMEX, etc.) and accurately track it.
  • During the reservation process, the system will validate the credit card you have entered is both a valid card and has available credit. This is done by first validating the card number against standard CC algorithms. Once the algorithm test has been passed, the system will automatically validate the card with the processor to ensure the card is valid at the time of the reservation.
  • At check-in, the suggested credit authorization amount automatically populated on the authorization screen. NOVEXSYS does this by looking at the guest's rate and number of nights and then calculates an authorization amount including incidentals using the customizable authorization rules configured for specifically for your property.
  • The tracking of credit authorizations by folio and by credit card is done automatically. You don't have to add several different authorizations together to determine if you have enough credit on a specific folio.

Unrivaled Security - We have chosen to work with Shift4 in part due to their impressive dedication to security. Protecting your Guests' credit card data with Shift4's proprietary technologies reduces your breach profile (makes you less of a target for data thieves), safeguards your guests' credit card data, and simplifies your annual PCI assessments.

  • NOVEXSYS users have two security options with Shift4. Both Shift4 solutions remove the NOVEXSYS PMS from the scope of PCI assessments because the PMS never handles any payment data. With Shift4, NOVEXSYS only handles Shift4's TrueTokens®.
  • The most secure solution from Shift4 layers point-to-point encryption (P2PE) technology on top of Shift4's TrueTokenization® to completely remove cardholder data not only from NOEXSYS, but from your entire environment. This option dramatically reduces the time and effort involved with PCI Compliance.

Cost Savings - Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET® payment gateway provides NOVEXSYS users with an enterprise auditing solution to avoid fines and downgrades and the neutrality they need to shop for the best processing rates.

  • DOLLARS ON THE NET® allows you to review and audit your daily transactions before you send them for settlement. A quick nightly audit to spot trouble transactions could save you from significant fees and fines from your processor.
  • Shift4’s 100% bank and processor neutrality allows you to change your bank or processor whenever business needs dictate – without losing your data. This forces banks to continually compete for your business, resulting in lower rates.
  • NOVEXSYS also ensures that your hotel will always receive the maximum CC processing discounts available by automatically identifying credit card information which has been swiped into the system.

Over 500 Guest Service System Interfaces
We use Comtrol's Lodging Link PTS product to provide interfaces to over 500 different Guest Service Systems.

CRS / GDS Connectivity
GenaRes Worldwide Reservations Services.

NOVEXSYS is multi-property capable with shared profiles

Please visit our Advantages page to learn more about the advantages of using the NOVEXSYS web-based property management system.